Who are we?

About Us

Paws On The Coast was established in December 2007 by sister’s Donna & Jody.

With a lot of time, a vision, research, and hard work we decided that we would open up our own Pet Shop with a difference of with NOT Selling Animals. We both were born with a Passion for Animals, Especially Animal Welfare and what happens to Pets in our Community.

We opened Paws On The Coast a couple of days prior to Christmas 2007 and hit the ground running. We had both worked in the Pet Industry before so we had a lot of Product Knowledge & Training behind us as well as a lot of Passion. We decided that we would run our store without Selling Animals for Profit & try and make a difference with educating people about what happens to 1000’s of unwanted Pets & the importance of desexing pets. (Our Customer Loyalty Base is one of our biggest assets as a lot of people believe Pets shouldn’t be sold in Pet Shops, as too many Pets are going to Heaven for no reason than just not being able to find a Forever home).

We decided that we wanted to be involved with helping out unwanted Pets with Rescues, Fostering and Rehoming in any way we can.

We are both involved Personally and through the store. We support a lot of different types of rescue animal groups ranging from Dogs, Cats, Small Animals, Chickens, Farm Animals & Wildife.
As well as helping out any Pet that is needing to be rescued and re-homed. We also encourage Customers to look at Breed Specific Rescues, RSPCA, Animal Welfare League & Local Pounds for a Pet. You are helping to “Save A LIFE” of an Unwanted Pet.

Desexing Your Pet no matter how cute etc they will be able to help control the amount of unwanted animals that end up needing a new home. This way we might be able to STOP the amount of Pets that get euthanised and have health issues from not being desexed on a daily basis.
Paws On The Coast donates Money, Food, Vet Line Products, Toys, Blankets etc, & anything else to local rescue animal groups that can help an unwanted Pet have a happier life. They don’t ask for much! Customers are encouraged to drop off any unwanted items for Pets, (toys, bedding, collars, leads, vetline products, Food etc) to the store. The donated items are collected regularly by Volunteers of Rescue Groups we support and are greatly appreciated with the donations. We have proven over the years that you can have a successful Pet Store without profiting from selling Animals. This is what we have both found very satisfying and rewarding for ourselves and these unwanted innocent Pets.

Donna & Jody