Paws On The Coast

Umina Beach

A passion for all animals & their welfare

Pet food, accessories, day spa & giftware

Family run & owned

Paws On The Coast supports rescue & rehoming.
paws on the coast stock pet food, accessories, flea, tick & worming medications.
We also offer a grooming service (appointment only) & a dIY walk-in dogwash.

Pet Food, Tick Medication & Accessories

Pet Food, Tick Medication & Accessories

Paws On The Coast gets weekly deliveries of various accessories including collars, leads,harnesses, beds, crates, puppy pens, pet carriers, brushes, shampoos, toys, cat poles, fish accessories.

Paws On The Coast also stock a wide range of treats, supplements & various premium food including dry kibble, wet food, raw diets, roll diet, rabbit & guinea pig food, fish food, bird seed & chicken food catering to all different dietary needs and preferences of pets.

Paws On The Coast stock various Medications, Flea, Tick & Worming products.
Dog Grooming cartoon

Dog Grooming

Paws On The Coast offer Dog Grooming by appointment. Regular maintenance and care of a dog's physical appearance and hygiene contributes to the overall health and wellbeing of your pet. Our Grooming Services include : Puppys 1st Groom, Haircuts, Warm Hydrobath, Brushing Or Dematting, Ear Cleaning, Anal Gland Expressing, Nail Trimming for your dog or cat.

We can also cater to whatever is needed for each individual pet needs.
Dog Grooming cartoon

DIY Dogwash

Paws On The Coast DIY Warm Water Dog Wash is a Self-Serve Dog Wash that provides pet owners a wash facility thats convenient and cost-effective way to wash your dog starting at $10 for 10 minutes (token or gold coint required), extra time can be added if needed.

Its fantastic especially for those who prefer to avoid the hassle of washing your dog at home.